Goal #3

Mail System & Website Forums

Once we reach 10,000 downloads we will make it happen!

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Monkey Swing Game

Goal #1


Monkey Fur Dyes

Check out these example dyes we are planning on. Don't worry, that's not all! We plan to implement a lot of dyes, purchasable with bananas at a reasonable price.

That's not all! We will also give you the ability to share (on Facebook) a picture of your monkey with their dye color, hat, a starburst color of your choice, and your own text. Seriously, it's that awesome!

Goal #2


Monkey Swing Game

Level Difficulties

Need more of a challenge? We plan to add level difficulty choices: Easy, Normal, and Hard. With harder challenges come greater rewards!

Goal #3


Mail System & Website Forums

With the new in game mail system, you'll be able to take some bananas from your stash and send them to your dearest friends (or a stranger, if you're feeling charitable). As the game develops further, you may see some random gifts or prizes from yours truly.

Forums will help your voice be heard. Report a bug or chat with others about the game. Forums are a great way to become involved with the community and receive support. Not only that, but your forums avatar will be a screenshot of your monkey, dressed as you see fit!

Goal #4


Wings & Coconuts

We'll add an additonal wearable item -- wings! Not only will they look pretty awesome, but each pair of wings will have its own special ability that can be used when playing a level.

Wings will only be purchasable by coconuts. Coconuts will add a new, rarer form of currency to the game. Each day you log into Monkey Swing you will receive 1 coconut in your mailbox. On holidays or whenever we feel like it, you may receive more than 1 coconut. I suppose it depends on how generous we're feeling. ;)

Once you have collected enough, you'll be able to purchase your first set of wings!

Have more coconuts than you need? You'll be able to mail your coconuts to friends. But wait! We have some other fun future ideas. Read on and you may just want to hang onto those coconuts.

Goal #5


Achievements with Prizes

Need more of a goal on Monkey Swing than just trying to reach a high score? Achievements will take care of you there. Each achievement will have its own set of rules to achieve as well as a random prize that you will get. Some of these prizes will be unique and will only be attainable through achievements. You could get a unique hat or maybe even a unique pair of wings. Who knows?

Goal #6


Gift Boxes

Love rare stuff and random chances? Gift boxes will be loaded with a bunch of random things you can receive when you purchase one. They will be purchasable as many times as you want, as long as you have enough coconuts. ;) Remember, when you open a gift box you don't know what you'll get! That's just all part of the fun.

Goal #7


Super Powers

Who doesn't love trying their hand at using super powers to help them get through a game or a level? Monkey Swing is no different. We'd really love to add a plethora of super powers, attainable through achievements (see Goal #5). We have ideas such as "Iron Boots" that would allow you to tap the screen and instantly drop your monkey, and we're open for many more ideas that could be shared on the forums. As we get closer to this goal, we'll begin listing the super powers we'd like to implement!

However, be wary! Super powers can't be used and abused. Your monkey only has so much energy it can use for these super powers. Pick and choose your powers carefully, or collect coconuts to help replenish your energy.

Goal #8


Exclusive Holiday features & Holiday Map Packs

For most major holidays throughout the year, why not have exclusive content with new levels, hats, dyes, wings, super powers, and gift boxes? Available only for one month every year, these new features will help keep content fresh and exciting!

Don't worry, if you happen to play around the holidays and get special holiday stuff, it won't disappear. You'll just be uber special the rest of the year while people scratch their head and try and figure out how you got those items.

*Download numbers are subject to change