A Family of Monkeys

Developed by a bro and sis super team, Monkey Swing has been a labor of love and passion. Created for the simple reason of wanting to play it themselves (have you seen their scores? Yeah, they're ace monkey swingers), Monkey Swing was developed with fun, playability, and longevity in mind.

The team took one look at the depressingly weak lineup of mobile games on the market and decided to do one better. One that not only looked, sounded, and played good, but also wasn't hampered with all the standard monetizing tactics nonsense that the mobile game industry has become so comfortable with. That's a rare thing to see on the market an honest, awesome game.

Visit the dev site, PhatRobit, for other awesome games and to see what they're currently working on!

Austin Zimmer


The Programmer

The owner of PhatRobit and the best game dev we know of, Aust has been working on countless games forever now, soaking up all those developing experience points, steadily progressing to become a boss mob Lv. 999 Elite Developer. (Don't aggro him, he's already at Lv. 900.)

Nikki Yoder


The Designer and Ideas Gal

The girl that started it all. She came up with the idea for Monkey Swing and bugged her bro, Aust, till he took on the project. :3 She designed most of the art for the game, taking her first infant steps into the world of pixel art. She's hooked now! Why? Because pixel art is awesome, that's why.

Paul Yoder


The Writer

Taking names and writing stories before it was cool! :) Husband to Nikki. Helping with the marketing side of things and testing, he's been working on Monkey Swing much more post launch than before. His favorite team task: playing devils advocate. >:}